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Lateral Entry
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Lateral Entry

We invite experienced law enforcement professionals to consider our Lateral Entry Program, which provides a way for police officers from other jurisdictions to get credit for their experiences when they join the Raleigh Police Department.

RPD lateral entry officers receive an excellent starting pay commensurate with their previous work experience. They also enjoy attractive benefits packages that include a dual retirement program and free dental, health, and life insurance. The City of Raleigh provides employees with generous amounts of vacation and sick leave.

The City of Raleigh seeks police officers with general law enforcement certification who are currently working in a law enforcement agency in North Carolina. Former law enforcement officers who have a break in service of less than 12 months long can also apply.


• Must be at least 21 years of age at time of graduation from the Raleigh Police Academy
• No maximum age restriction
• High school diploma or equivalent
U.S. citizen
• Good character and moral background
• Able to obtain valid N.C. Driver’s License
• 20/20 corrected vision—Cannot be colorblind

NOTE: The basic qualifications apply to all candidates; however lateral-entry officer attend an expedited 13-week lateral entry academy rather than the 28-week full-length academy class for new recruits.


Years of Equivalent Experience Lateral Entry Salary
2 years $37, 366.93
3 years $38,738.19
4 years $41,823.54
5 years $43,194.80
6 years $44,566.06
7 years $45,937.33
8 years $47,308.59
9 years $48,679.85
10 years $50,051.12
11 years $51,422.38
12 years $52,793.64

In-state Transfers
A law enforcement officer with general certification may transfer from one law enforcement agency in North Carolina to another law enforcement agency in the state, provided he or she has less than a 12-month break in service. If you have been separated for more than 12-months but less than 36-months, you must complete the required Legal Unit (minimum of 96 hours) at our Academy.

Out-of-state Transfers
These transferees are evaluated to determine the amount and quality of their out-of-state training and experience. At a minimum, out-of-state candidates must have two years of full-time, sworn law enforcement experience and have successfully completed a basic law enforcement training course accredited by the state from which they are transferring in order to be considered for transfer to a North Carolina law enforcement agency. Out-of-state transferees cannot have a break in service exceeding one year.

Out-of-state transferees must successfully complete a 13-week lateral academy class. They must also complete the Legal Unit (minimum of 96 hours) of the Commission accredited BLET and successfully pass the entire state comprehensive examination with their 12-month probationary period.

Federal Law Enforcement Officers and Military Police Transfers
These transferees will be required to complete the Commission-accredited BLET in its entirety and successfully pass the state comprehensive examination prior to being sworn.

Additional Information
Officers who wish to continue their law enforcement careers with our excellent and progressive community-oriented police force can start by calling our Lateral Entry recruitment specialist at (919) 996-1343 for additional information. Click here for the Lateral application kit.


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