Employment Procedure

The Raleigh Police Department has a new hiring process based on the implementation of a North Carolina State mandate that requires all agencies to implement a reading comprehension exam in their pre-employment process, effective 9/1/2010. The Raleigh Police Department’s revamped hiring process is meant to streamline the entire process.


  1. Implementation of start date/closing date to submit employment applications for the Basic Law Enforcement Police Academy;

  2. A complete application packet for the Basic Academy must be mailed in or dropped off prior to the deadline (no more faxes). Must be post marked by the closing date (if implemented).

    NOTE: Lateral applicants can always submit their paperwork for the Lateral Academy in-person or via mail; and

  3. Implementation of the mandated 10th Grade Reading Comprehension exam as part of the pre-employment process.

    The NC Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission's rule 12 NCAC 09B .0203(e) has been revised as follows:

(e) The school shall not admit an individual, including partial or limited enrollees, as a trainee in a presentation of the Basic Law Enforcement Training Course unless the individual has taken the reading component of a nationally standardized test within one year prior to admission to Basic Law Enforcement Training and has scored at or above the tenth grade level, or the equivalent. A nationally standardized test is a test that:
(1) reports scores as national percentiles, stanines or grade equivalents; and
(2) compares student test results to a national norm.

Minimum basic eligibility requirements:

Applicants may be disqualified from the application process at different stages of the process due to them not successfully passing a phase of the process or applicants not being "completely" truthful (full disclosure) during the pre-employment process.

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